Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stop resisting

Part of being human is the wonderful daily routines we do, for fear something may make us uncomfortable. I've spoken about this several times.  Again it has to do with our comfort zones, yet we often feel a sense of strength for using the same routines day in and day out and I am very guilty of this.  I love my routines but lately I've gotten to the bottom of why I like my routines.

One reason we love our routines and defend them is that we practice resistance. We choose to resist anything we believe is associated to something we don't enjoy.

I won't have a beer, I'll get to intoxicated and hungover. I don't want to become an alcoholic.
I would never take that job, those people are so boring and uptight.
If I don't clean the dishes right after supper, people will think I'm messy and lazy.

As you can see we make these decisions based on what we think it will turn us into.  We also believe that we are strong willed because we resist these things. 
Let's flip that belief, if you are strong willed you should be trying things to make the decisions on your own. Your true test is SELF CONTROL and not RESISTANCE. 
I'm sure you may be someone who gloats to people telling them how much control you have for not doing anything you believe to be wrong.  It's time to prove it, show yourself the self control you hide from yourself by indulging in life's enjoyment.

For many years I've avoided reading some of the most influential books, my main reason was that everybody has read it and I'm different.  When I finally read them I always find them to be the books I can't put down and they often teach me so much about the subjects I'm researching.  I often regret the things I've resisted for such a long time.

I'm slowly starting to "give in" to the things I've resisted for such a long time and I'm finding out that they are so enjoyable. I have found out resistance can make you a very dull person and I will decide to indulge in life a little more than I once did.

Your exercise

Look at things you are resisting, and actually "give in" every now and again.  I'm not saying to put your life in harms way.  I'm just saying have an extra piece of cake, the cake does not make you fat, the lack of self control over long periods of time makes you fat.

Do you understand?

Stay motivated
Shane C

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