Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mind movies

What mind movies are you watching?

Have you ever sat at home waiting on a family member to get back and all you do is think the worst just because they are running an hour or two late?  What scenario goes through your head?  I bet all kinds of horrible things like accidents, violence and uncontrolled behavior.  We watch these "mind movies" in total horror, we pace up and down the hall calling and texting and when nobody answers it's even worse.
When your loved one finally walks through the door with bags of groceries in there hands you get this total sense of relief.  Like you've pressed the stop button on the "mind movie" you get this overwhelming sense of relief.  The relief is so comforting, it's as though you never watched a horrible movie go through your head, it was simply your imagination.

It's a fact that we always turn to negative scenarios when we delve into the unknown.  We are conditioned from childhood to always be fearful. This stems from the things people told us, the news and violent movies and television, all this has turned us into basket cases.

How to stop these scary mind movies?
We can't, but we can recondition ourselves to try and replace the negative movies with more upbeat inspirational types of thing we would like to see.

Meditation can totally clear our minds of the negative and begin a new style of thinking.  It centers us and allows us to have better focus in our daily living.

-Vision boards
A vision board is a great motivator, staying focused 10-15 minutes morning and night at pictures of pleasant things.  Deeply implants in your mind the things you would most love to achieve.

-Active visualization
Active visualization is much different than just seeing what you want your life to be.  It's hearing, smelling and feeling as you visualize a more positive lifestyle.  Make sure to really get involved with all your senses as your visualizing.  You can do this 10-15 minutes morning and night, this build the habit of positive visualization much quicker.
If you would like to take in visioning  one step further, see yourself through someone else's eyes in your vision techniques.

With repetitive habit you can eventually replace the negative movies that play in your mind with a whole new type of visualization that can lead you to a better quality of life.  It will be like walking into a movie rental store, you will be able to pick any "mind movie" you want.  No longer will you be forced to watch the same negative horror movie that has been going through your head.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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