Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The long hallway towards your goal

Today's blog will describe a long hallway, think of this hallway as the journey on the way to your goal.

Imagine a very long hallway with pictures hung up every few feet.  In these pictures, some have beautiful images like nature scenes, people having good times and images of warm cottages in winter.
Then on other pictures there are disturbing images such as sadness, destruction and loneliness.

Your job is to walk down this long hallway with your eyes open, you have options on exactly what you can look at.  Some will look at the the nice pictures while others tend to focus on the gruesome pictures.  The people who focus their minds only on the bad, fill their heads up with negativity for whole journey down the hallway.  To make matters worse, once they get to the end of the hallway all they want to do is tell everybody about how bad the journey was.

There is one entirely new way to look at this, you keep your eyes on the end of the hallway (where you are going), don't even bother paying attention to the pictures.  Be aware there is good and bad around you and keep moving forward.  Getting sidetracked by the scenery will slow you down.  Especially if you focus on those "bad pictures".

When working towards your goal, you will encounter good and bad around you.

What are bad pictures?

These are things you should learn to avoid, and if you cannot avoid them, just listen and continue striving towards your goal.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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