Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why are the basics so hard?

Up to this point in your life you have begun many little life projects like careers, relationships, hobbies, education and the list goes on forever. Many times in your life you have also decided the projects you've started are not exactly what you wanted, so you decided to stop doing them. 

You may have come to realize that things got to difficult, boring or even annoying.  Guess what, everything in your life becomes a little dull.  This is why we need to spice things up, shake it up and constantly be learning.

One day when I was in my local book store, I came across a book on math that was related to business.  I decided this was totally for me, this was a very advanced method I was going to learn in one week.  After 2 days, I put the book down out of frustration.  You see, I had never really been that great at math.  I fluked it all through high school, I just wasn't interested at the time in this subject and I never learned the basics.  Maybe if I had learned the basics and paid attention to what I was being taught I could have learned the more advanced stuff  when I wanted to learn.

Isn't this what we all want, we want the best things first without having a clue about the basics.  Some great examples are:

We want to be promoted without understanding the basics of the job.
We want better relationships without even understanding how to respect our loved ones.
We want lots of money without understanding how to save and invest.
We want to live in another city without understanding how to enjoy where we live at the present time.
We want bigger homes without even taking care of the one we presently live in.

The list could go on forever, we always want bigger and better without understanding the basics.
Life is kind of like a video game, there are levels you must conquer before moving on to the more difficult levels.  If you start at the most difficult level of the game you are sure to fail and get frustrated.

Do yourself and the people around you a favor, learn the basics of where you are in life.  This way you can move up to the next level.  Also understand why you want to move up to bigger and better things, be honest with yourself.  If you say you will be happier you must realize that emotions like sadness, loneliness and anger still live at the top levels.  Success should mean being happy where you are in life and always striving to be greater and have purpose.  Sitting and waiting does nothing for you.  If you believe people or situations will change magically you may be waiting in boredom for a very long time, you must make adjustment so the world around you adjusts to your needs.

Today's action:

Look at your life and learn where you can improve in the following areas:

Rest and relaxation

Always try and improve, don't run when things get more difficult.  I can't tell you how to improve, life is a learning lesson.  What works for me won't work for you.  Nobody has all the answers we just need to try and achieve the best at every level. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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