Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coolest things about you

Have you forgotten how awesome you are lately?  When you are feeling a little down about yourself, it can be difficult to stay motivated to do your best.
The little voice in our head (conscious mind), sometimes tells us we can't and we shouldn't.  Let's shut that voice up and I will remind you of a few things you forgot about yourself.

Write this list down and carry it with you if need to.

1. Your mind holds one idea that can change the world. 
2. You can make someone smile instantly.
3. Someone finds you attractive.
4. Someone loves you.
5. There is one thing you can do better that most people.
6. You can write something down that someone would love to read.
7. You can teach something to someone.
8. Your laughter can make someone else laugh.
9.  Someone would love to have a conversation with you, they are just to nervous to approach you.

Next time you feel insignificant, look at this list. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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