Monday, September 5, 2011

Are you a true leader?

How do you define a truly good leader?

Most of us tend to think of a leader as a "boss" or a "leader of a nation"  and we rarely think that we could become a fantastic leader in our careers or any aspects of our lives that may require leadership.  The truth is, you may feel that you need to become a control driven out of your mind manic that seem to lead so any things in your day-to-day living.  This is a myth, good leaders are the opposite.
We must come to realize that a truly effective leader leads themselves before they can even attempt to effectively lead others.
A leader does not need to lead a team of 10 or more people to become successful.

Here are some qualities of a truly great leader:
1. Tact- The ability to know what is appropriate, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.
2. Patience- Knowing things take time to be perfected.
3. Persistence- Not quitting at the first sign of resistance.
4. Self Confidence- Being comfortable with ones self.
5. Psychology- Having knowledge of how the human mind functions and human behaviors.
6. Adaptability- Being able to go with the flow with the least amount of annoyance.

If you happen to be one of the few who are in a leadership position, you may look at this and feel you excel at a few of these and still feel you are a fantastic leader, but what do the people who follow you think of your actions?  This is the true test.

For the effective leader to create harmony with the people they lead they must first be willing to lead themselves to understand how the team should be treated and led.

If no one is leading the leader, the whole team can crash as quickly as the leader crashes.  The leader must always be on a quest to improve him or herself so the team that is led can improve.  The better the developments in the leaders life are, the better the team will do.

Be a leader not a follower!!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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