Friday, September 9, 2011

Learn to feel like it.

Would you rather finish something that is easy or start something that is difficult?

The simple things in life are easy to attain.  Anything that will transform you into a success will be a little more difficult to achieve, this is why only the strong and disciplined enjoy the finer things in life.
The majority of people always put off the harder things for another time.  Another time is simply another way of saying "When I feel like it."
Guess what?  We generally only feel like doing what we already enjoy in life and that's the things we do over and over again. If we only do what we presently know, we cannot grow no matter how hard we try.
How do we beat this vicious cycle that seems to plague us?
The first thing we must do is actually realize we must do what you don't feel like doing first.  Get focused on the task that needs to be done and simply get started.  Let's use reading a book as an example.
You've heard there is a 450 page book that will help you in your career by teaching you a skill you do not presently know.  It's going to be a difficult process to read this book but it will pay off in the end.  Let's break it up into smaller steps.

Go buy the book that can help you.
Read the description on the front and back of the book.  Just look at it and get to know it by flipping through the pages.
Read one or two pages.
Read a chapter
Read another

The next thing you know, you will want to read more and more because you will have built up more focus and wanting to finish the book will be your primary aim.

Always know the big picture of what needs to be done, then break things down into tasks that are simple and easy to do.  You will never know how much you want to do something until you give it a fair chance.

The example I gave using the book is only a small task you may face.  Bigger tasks in your life such as running a marathon, losing weight or going for a promotion take a lot more discipline. Always remember to take a small step daily. If you decide to take a day off you will fall off track, nothing kills progress more than taking a day off before a new habits is formed, even then it's a dangerous thing to do towards progress. 
Keep going, truly effective people do things even when they don't want to.
Sure, there will be days that you won't want to do the task at hand but you must do it to get ahead of the game.

Can you imagine an athlete getting ready for the Olympics wanting to take a couple of days off weeks before the Olympics simply because they did not want to train or eat right?  The truth is, while the athlete rests and gets lazy their opponents are actually training, and will get a better advantage.
This goes for you too. When you are resting someone more disciplined and focused is doing what you don't feel like doing and will get head of you while you whine that life isn't fair.

Some keys to getting things done:

1. Be clear on what the big goal is at all times.
2. Begin by taking simple small steps towards your goal.
3. Keep a schedule of when and how you should do things.- Always set time aside.
4. Finish what you start.

If you are wanting to achieve higher standards of living do what the rest are putting off until tomorrow.  Do it today, that way you will not need to do it tomorrow.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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