Monday, September 19, 2011

The journey

What is your destination?

Have you ever decided you wanted to head up to a beautiful cottage up in the mountains or deep in the woods?  If you answered "Yes!", then you know what needed to be done.  You needed directions to get to your destination and then you had to follow them.

When it comes to life, we should look at it like it's a road trip up to the cottage.  Know exactly where you are headed, and follow the directions on how to get there.  Unfortunately, we are not taught that we need a vision or a goal to strive for in life.  Most people travel around day to day not knowing exactly where they are headed in life. Their main vision is to make it Monday to Friday so they can have Saturday off and Sunday to complain about starting the week all over again.

This is how life should be lead, get a great picture in your head then figure out the direction on how to get there in life. Some visions are just getting to 5pm so we can watch T.V. Then some are bigger! Being a business owner, travelling around the world and others want to cure the sick. The person whom you become on the way towards reaching your goal will be the most rewarding part of the journey. This is where personal development comes in, reading and listening to ideas and methods on how to change your thinking and daily habits will help you take the steps that get you further in life.

There's a quote that says:
 "You can't solve problems with the same level of thinking as when you created them"-Einstein

The more you learn daily, the more you will stimulate your creativity.  Creativity is the primer that activates your mind to take action towards your goals, always seek new methods and ideas.  Ask many questions along the way.

Today or sometime later this week, search for what your major goal is.  Learn the first few steps to get there, and finally go towards that goal.
The more stops you make along the way, the slower your progress will be. There will be so many distractions along the way but it's how badly you want to get to that destination in life that determines the speed to which your reach your goal or vision.
Next time your sitting on the couch watching T.V. ask yourself "Am I getting closer to where I want to go?"
Of course you will have days where you sleep, eats junk food and waste a whole day. As long as you can admit it to yourself, and get yourself going the very next day you'll be alright.  Learning to beat the habit of procrastination can be the biggest accomplishment you make in life.

Success is a journey and not a destination, so always strive to do your best.  The rest of the world like to do things 3/4 of the way then they stop.  Not you, you will go all the way.
Stay motivated
Shane C.

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