Thursday, September 22, 2011

D'uh! Winning!

A success is a success, whether it's something small or something huge.

The key to having a winning attitude in life is to experience successful situations in life.  The more small successes you experience, the more they will lead to bigger successes.
Think of how great it feels when:

You find an amazing parking spot.
You get the kids to do their chores.
You get a work project done before a deadline.
You get the best seat in a movie theater.
You make a meal the whole family loves.
You had a great workout.

These are all ways you succeed in life, there are a thousands more experiences you have daily that point to success.  You need to recognize the small successes and take note how good they make you feel, this is why a journal is so crucial in life.

Think right now of a period in your life that you consider a success.  Go ahead I'll wait....

How did you feel mentally?  Was it like you were on top of the world?

That's the feeling I want you to have when you feel you cannot accomplish something.  You must stop and think of a successful period in your life, whether big or small and take that confident feeling you had and make it present in the face of doubt.

This is the key to changing your doubtful feelings into actions that will make you grow and succeed.  Soon your mind will have created a habit that leads you from one success to the next.  Winning is a good feeling and the more you feel this, the more you gravitate towards it.  If you presently feel negative and down most of the time, your mind has the habit of feeling that way, so think success.

You will never know till you start doing it with at least one of your fears,.  Go ahead and start, you deserve a better quality of life.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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