Thursday, September 8, 2011

The key to transformation

Have you forgotten the most imporatant people in your journey towards the top?

We often want to transform to be the best in our careers, relationships, health and even in our hobbies.  In our journey towards becoming the best, we can sometimes forget that others need to help us get to the top because it cannot be done alone. 
There are over a billion people in this world that can help us become great. No matter how good you get in what you choose to do, the people that you come in contact with are the ones that give you the opportunities and chances to excel.  If you shut out the outside world and only focus on yourself, you can only get so far.  The outside world is full of key people that can be your stepping stones on our way towards success.

Every great achievement that we strive for we must first learn how we can serve others:

If we want to get healthy we must learn how to stop making ourself and others sick.
If we want to become wealthy we must learn how to give.
If you want to become the best in customer service you must learn how to serve your customers.
If you want to become amazing in sales you must learn how to meet someones needs so they want to buy from you.

Opening yourself up to others is key to showing people you respect them and you are willing to help them.  Nobody cares what you can do, they only care what you can do for them. Everybody around you wants the exact same as you do.

The most successful people in this world are into Philanthropy, they understand the power of serving others.  Opening up doors to others opens doors for you.
Please do yourself a favor, serve people as much as you can without saying "When is it my turn?  I help but nobody helps me".  The world does not work this way, don't ask me why, there are some things we just aren't meant to understand.

Here are some key things to reach the top:

-Be clear on what you want
-Learn what needs to be done
-Do it
-Help people along the way

Today's action:
Getting someone to smile:
Go out on the street and wait for someone to smile, but only focus on yourself.  You could be waiting awhile.
To speeds up the process, single out someone and smile at them you are sure they will smile back at you.  As you will see, you will need to help someone to get what you want.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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