Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Change your life with a pen.

If I told you that you could change your entire life for the better would you believe me?

Where you are in life is the result of an accumulation of your own beliefs. You see, the way we do things or the way we don't do things is all based upon whether we believe we can do it or that we cannot do it.  All major life choices, big and small are based on this.
Really think about that for a few minutes....
Of course you have built up some habits and routines that you don't like to break from for the simple reason that you believe any other way is either the wrong way or even worse an uncomfortable way.  The truth is, this is simple a myth in your way of thinking.

Let me use my favorite subject as an example- Weight loss

Sally and Molly decide they are going to go on a diet and join a gym so they can both look great in their bikinis once summer arrives.  They both start off great they eat right, workout with great intensity until the day Molly decides she needs a week off because she says that she does not want her new lifestyle to change her entire families routines and it would be too difficult to prepare different foods for the family.  So Molly gives up entirely and keep gaining weight and remains unhealthy.

Sally on the other hand decides she will continue because she says it will be a whole new life filled with a new wardrobe, new friends and a better attitude towards life.  So she keeps up with the gym and good eating and as result loses 45 lbs.  Sally gets a promotion due to her new outlook on life and is now trying things she's never done before.  Sally loves life.

As you can see two people will have two different outcomes simply by what they believe.  All our beliefs are influenced by outside sources such as TV and other medias constantly in our face and also by the people close in our lives who tell us their beliefs over and over again.  Eventually we repeat this to ourselves so much we begin to believe what we once thought to be false.

What is the solution?

The solution is so simple, the only catch is it takes a bit of discipline. 

1. Be clear on exactly what area of your life you want to change. (Write it down)
2. Make a list of the beliefs you have about that area of your life.
3. Now write down the complete opposite belief of what you presently think.
If you think- I can never make a sale to this person no matter how hard I try.
Change it to- I can sell anything to this person with ease.

If you think- Losing weight is so hard I always have a hard time.
Change it to- Every week I will feel amazing and I'm on my way to a new and better body.

The great thing about this is you can do it with ANY BELIEF you have, all you must do is think the total opposite of what you believe.  Now having said this, it isn't an overnight thing.  It took you months and years of convincing yourself you believed your present beliefs.  But I will teach you how to SPEED UP THE PROCESS. 

All you do is repeat the new belief to yourself several times a day.  The best times are upon waking and right before bed.  This will ensure to implant it deep in the subconscious mind.  Then one day without realizing it you will be doing actions towards your new beliefs without even realizing it.  It's simply amazing!!!

Here is where you may be saying "Yeah, but these new beliefs aren't even true."  That's ok, your present thinking isn't true either but you believe it, right.  ;-)

So now you are ready to change your life, it's free, it takes a little discipline and a reexamination of the way you look at things in your life.
Stay motivated
Shane C.

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