Monday, August 8, 2011

Time to remove those training wheels

Do you remember when you got the training wheels taken off your bike?

This was a defining moment in your life.  You were scared and you doubted your abilities but you knew for sure you wanted to ride that bike like the bigger kids.
Your life is also filled with defining moments that can make you who you are.  Keeping your eyes open to these opportunities is the key. 

Let's look at your career as an example.  I'm sure there many aspects of your job you hate, the daily tasks are boring and mundane.  Then one day you could be asked to take on a task that you have no idea could change your whole career.  Do you take it or do you leave it?

I remember a few years ago,  it was a cold December day when we all got an e mail asking who would like to head out on the road for a little over a month.  This of course would mean being away from my family for Christmas.  I thought hard about the opportunity and  jumped on it.  I was terrified, sad and alone but I did it.  I got through it just fine and now I get to work across Canada with some great people and see things I wouldn't have gotten to see if I would have never said yes to the opportunity I was given.

Look at the opportunities that you are handed and if it scares the hell out of you, it means you should do it.  Look at "healthy fears" as motives to get you ahead in your career, life, relationships and even your day-to-day living. 
Look at fear as fear and not as failure.  Know you can do what is handed to you as best as you can, because all eyes are on you to succeed.  You will regret the things you don't do more that the actions you try.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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