Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 minute mile

The last time you reviewed your goal how impossible did it seem?

Looking at your goal you may put up barriers such as money, time, resources and connections.  Sometimes we feel it is easy to put these barriers as a reason that we cannot reach our goal.  I am listing 3 people who have given it there all despite hardships.  If they can do it so can you.

Roger Bannister- The first man to break the 4 minute mile.  Until he ran a mile in 4 minutes, nobody else had done this.  Mr Bannister has set the bar for athletes who now break the 4 minute mile.  Nobody believed it could be done.  Always question your beliefs.
J.K. Rowling- The person behind the Harry Potter series.  A single mother who lived on social assistance, losing her mother to multiple sclorosis she put herself to work on the biggest book series that has led to movies and got her millions in the end.  When you feel your world is falling apart it may be time to prove your beliefs wrong.

Chris Gardner- The inspiration for the movie "The pursuit of happyness".  A struggling salesman, who lost his home, his spouse and through it all had to care for his son while sleeping in a public washroom.  Chris made it through to become the owner and CEO of a very succesful company.  Chris kept going against all odds.

These people took things one step at a time and got over the biggest hurdles in their lives.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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