Sunday, August 7, 2011

The helper

Has anyone ever accused you of putting everyone's needs in front of your own?  This shouldn't be looked at as a compliment.

In life we deal with so drama that comes our way we often never know the answers on how to deal with our own problems.  Yet we often feel compelled to give everyone else the answers on how they should be living there lives.  There comes a time when you need to forget about every one's problems and only focus on yourself.
If you get a high from helping people by giving them advice and your always doing more for them then you do yourself.  You will eventually forget about the most important person in your life-yourself.

It is your right to feel good about yourself by focusing strictly on yourself.  We have a lot to deal with let alone someone else's problems.  You can give friendly words of advice but the plan is not to solve other peoples problems, logistically it can never happen. We can only ever come to the right answers by trial and error.

Just recently I was faced with a decision I could not make, I went to 5 different people and got 5 different answers.  Only when I sat down and thought about what to do, did I come up with the right answer for my own needs.

Not all answers will work the same for everybody's needs, so sometimes you must stop yourself from helping others make life decisions.  Don't worry, eventually they will find the answer.  Just as you will when the time comes that you are a little confused about life.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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