Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you pleasant?

Many times in our life we try and be people we're not.  We label ourselves as our activities, our jobs and our personalities.  Then out of nowhere when we lose something that we believe defined us and we forget who we actually are.  This can be devastating because somewhere along the way we forgot who we actually were.
I recently come across a list called THE PLEASANT PERSON ACT, this is a list of things we should all be doing that help label us as a pleasant person as oppose to the people we may not actually be. It's a long list but here are the top ten things (in my opinion) we should all do to be labeled as pleasant.

1. Listen more than you talk
2. Use no more words than are necessary
3. Make eye contact without staring
4. Don't brag
5. Don't force a smile
6. Keep agreements
7. Don't interrupt people
8. Don't every be phony with people
9. Cover your mouth when you cough
10. Don't talk badly behind people's back

This small easy list is often forgotten or we procrastinate thinking we can change our ways tomorrow yet people really notice when we break these simple life rules.  The more you follow these 10 simple rules the more pleasant you look to others and the more you can make a great name for yourself in this world of unpleasant people.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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