Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Develop yourself

It seems over the last few months people around me have been complementing me more on my attitude, physical appearance and also in the work I have been doing.  It's extremely flattering to get the compliments and I do truly appreciate them.  Over the last year I've been working on myself, physically and mentally as a  way to reach a new set of goals that require a bit more of my focus and energy than I had been putting in over the last few years.  Although there was a time when I never even thought I could achieve half of what I'm on my way to achieving.

It's the same old story we were all born with the same things, a brain, a body and a blank slate that has allowed us to do absolutely anything we want in life. Then somewhere along the way we developed a set of beliefs passed down to us by people who manipulated us to believe in their beliefs of weakness and inabilities to accomplish the "so called" impossible.
We tend to forget we have abilities and even beauty because we get so caught up in our negative thinking and it truly is a shame that we lose so many years not tapping into our potential. 
In my line of work I often meet people who have lost incredible amounts of weight some losing over 100lbs and when they do they feel amazing about themselves.  It's not that they are completely different people,  it's just their beliefs about their own abilities were clouded because they believed they were ugly because society has taught them a totally false belief about their appearance.  Once they worked on themselves to develop a newer, better version of themselves they fell amazing and they accomplish great things in life, yet in reality they could have accomplished anything at any stage in their lives.

What I hope you take away today is you have these amazing possibilities in your life and you simply need a little time and effort to develop yourself.  You can do it because you can do absolutely anything you want to do.  Allow yourself to believe in the possibility of doing anything you please.

Here are the rules
1. Know you can do it
2. Time and preparation is key
3. When the time comes you will know as long as you follow step 1 & 2

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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