Monday, October 15, 2012

What I overcame

When I meet people and we start to discuss making changes in life I explain that I am a totally shy, quiet person by nature.  People seem very shocked becuse after speaking with me you would have no idea I am that person what so ever, yet deep down that shy person who rarely wants to talk is always inside of me.  A couple of years ago I made a concious decision to become more extroverted, I would speak more, become more outgoing and be much more charasmatic.  This challenge to myself did not come easily, I worked on it daily but it took me awhile to break free of my old quiet ways.  It wasn't until I changed my beliefs about myself that I was able to make the change.

Everything we do in life steems from our beliefs, we act a certain way because we believe that it's exactly how we should act.  We tend to make choices based upon feelings we have without questioning whether or not we can challenge our feelings or even our beliefs. We often believe we can't break free, for me I felt people would think my opinions or my conversations were boring, I felt I had nothing interesting to contribute in conversations so I had no problem remaining quiet and shy, this was my belief and I was sticking with it.  Then when I made that decision to change I challenged myself by telling myself I could do it, I could speak up and I could become a more outgoing person.  I didn't always succeed in challenging myself but slowly over time I would overcome a tiny self challenge getting me one step closer to the person I wanted to become and next thing I knew I was actually becoming more and more confident in speaking to people and keeping up conversations.

No matter who you want to become or what you want to accomplish you must tell yourself that you are changing and becoming better. You will learn over time to get over those feelings that always pull you back down to the same old routines and same old habits that leave you feeling unaccomplished with your life.  When you wake up repeat to yourself that you are getting better and repeat to yourself that you can do anything.  There are days you won't feel like you are getting anywhere but the constant repeatition that you are getting better and that you can do anything trick your mind into believing the affirmations you've been repeating to yourself.  If I can change myself from a shy, quiet, unconfident person into a more outgoing person I'm sure you can change yourself into whatever you would like, this world is yours now get working on yourself.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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