Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taming those thoughts

How often do you talk yourself into a panic or even convince yourself you can't do something even though you know you are fully prepared to do it?  For me, I have days of full out confidence were I feel I can take on the world and nothing can stop me. Then there are other days I can convince myself I can't do the very thing I told myself I was ready to do just days before.  These are the days I feel defeated and unworthy of success in my life, I'm sure you've also felt this way many times through life.

I'm reading a book called TAMING YOUR INNER GREMLIN by Rick Carson, the author describes our inner conflict as our Gremlin.  It's sole job is to make you feel bad by making you wallow in the past and making you over analyze relationships between people and the different things in your life.  These little Gremlins make you live in a land of fantasy filling your head with all kinds of scary scenarios that often prove to be completely fake.  Your inner conflict or your GREMLIN and Rick calls it is a totally imaginary thing made up by your mind that actually controls you because you tend to believe the talk and images you develop in your mind.  The key to defeating this little Gremlin is very simple, all you need to do is be aware and listen to what is going on. 

When we stop and we are aware of what is going on without reacting to negative feedback we become a master of our thoughts.  To often we get suckered into listening to our imagination and give into negative self talk.  Here is the most effective way for dealing with your inner GREMLINS.

1. Stop and be aware by simply listening to your thoughts.
2. Know you have the choice to not give into negative thinking.

This process takes a bit of practice so don't give up in the beginning, just be aware of the thoughts and know you do not need to act on them.  Before you know it you will become a true master of acting upon all the right thoughts that fill your mind.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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