Friday, October 5, 2012

Changing your outside look on life

There was about a year that I suffered with a bad case of red itch skin on my hands and wrists, it was embarrassing and very uncomfortable.  I finally got to go see a naturapth and she informed me it was caused from a food allergy.  We needed to eliminate any foods that would cause negative reactions and fill my body with better foods and great nutritional supplements to help the condition get better.  I did want she told me and what I battled for 1 year started to heal in less than a week.

Today's blog is not a medical one but an example of how your inside world creates your outside world.  As long as what you put in your mind (thoughts, emotions, and the words you speak) are positive and geared towards growth, your outside world will appear as a world of opportunity and one filled with positive experiences.  Now just like the condition I was suffering from, the more I put in my body that was aggravating it the worse my condition got.  Your thoughts and how you talk to yourself do the same, the more negative you put in the worse your outside world will appear. 

Make sure to feed your mind and life with better people, better self talk and better thoughts.  Negativity is all around you and it is very easy to get caught up with all the talk.  My skin condition was caused from things that aggravated it so it didn't look healthy.  Maybe just maybe if your world doesn't look as happy as you would like it to look, it could be you are feeding your mind some thoughts that are aggravating it.  Do a thought detox and watch your world change in just a matter of days.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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