Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What are your beliefs?

If you look back on your life there will be many things you can laugh at now that you once thought were a disaster.  I want to cover beliefs, we all learn over the course of our lives that the beliefs we had about things or even ourselves have proved to be completely false.  Once the beliefs were changed a new version of you blossomed that was hidden behind a simple false belief.

Changing your beliefs have either come through challenging yourself or someone challenging your beliefs and over a bit of time you developed a whole new set of beliefs.  I want you to think of where you are right now as you read this and the version of yourself ten yeas ago.  How have your beliefs changed? 

The reason I bring up changing your beliefs is because it is so important in developing yourself into a person of growth as oppose to a person who is held back by something false. If you are going through life with the belief that you can never accomplish anything more or you believe that you could never overcome a fear you probably won't get to far and you may live with regret.  Start to challenge your beliefs one at a time. Take a bit of time for this is not an easy process to question yourself, in the end the pay off will be huge.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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