Sunday, January 22, 2012

My thoughts....

You may not understand where I'm going with this, yet if you do it may help you get right back on track.  Today's blog could be life changing if you apply what you learn.
My belief is we are put on this earth with all the tools we need to be great, we simply need to stay focused and work on our talents and strengths and blossom from there.  I also have a belief that people are put in our lives that we need and some that are been introduced as temptation. 
I use the word temptation not only as sexual but as a way that they temp us to be lazy, crazy and getting us off course.  You can tell who these people are by the way they are introduced in life.  Often they appear randomly, once you see or interact with these people you feel an almost immediate need to put life's' focus towards them.

They are people who bump into you that you think may lead you to a more interesting way of life.  Once they wiggle their way in your life, your world gets filled with distractions such as constant texting,  phone calls and thoughts about this person, a  need for attention is seeked.  You start to try and impress these people by spending money and wasting time trying to lure them in closer, all while the world you spent years creating begins to crumble.
Often while you do this running around after temptation, the people that have been put in your life (the ones you need) have a feeling of loneliness and confusion, yes unfortunately you've caused people who love you to suffer.  While you chase temptation, the young and old that have been put in your life begin to think they have done something wrong.  This is a hard pill to swallow once you realize what you've done.

I also have this belief that people are put into our lives that we are meant to criticize, they are called "warnings".  These are people who live crazy unacceptable lives according to our morals and values, and we are meant to judge them because their lives don't fit a normal acceptable model according to the morals and values in which we believe.

How many times have you judged someones
-cheating on their spouse?
-financial situation?
-who just seems to have gone crazy and left everything behind?
-way they earns an income?
-physical appearance?
And the list goes on......

If you are not careful one day you will be put through that test.  It will be the test that you turn into the person which you once judged.  And I'm sure when others judge, you will make a the claim that no one understands your situation in life.
The test life will have thrown at you may not have even been realized till 10-30 years to late if you do not analyse your life.

Know what your morals and core values are.  Look at them often, because once you have a path outlined and you know exactly where you want to go, temptation will seem less appealing.  Drastic changes in your life don't always need to be made, you simply need to sharpen and work on the skills, people and talents you have been given.  It's a slow boring process to build up an ideal world in which you can be proud of, yet once you have what you've worked towards it's a better feeling that the alternative.

You must understand outside temptations are only there to test you, not to live in.  Try not to ever have the thought of "the one that got away......"  or "I could have had it all......".  Stay focused, there are obstacles, and shortcuts will only lead to disaster.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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