Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few key points to remember

We all need to be reminded sometimes.  Today, I remind you.

When having negative thoughts:

-Write them down and then write down some solutions.
-Avoid talking about negativity with people it brings you down as you vocalize them.
-Speak to yourself with affirmations stated in the positive.
-The more you tell yourself something the more your subconscious believes it.  So speak positive when feeling negative.
-Speak about what you want.

When having positive thoughts:

-Talk about your thoughts with people you trust.  Speaking to negative people will get you in a negative state very quickly.
-Write down some possibilities, when you are in a good state of mind your ideas flow.
-Talk about what you want to do, avoid speaking about what you dread.
-Do something really great for someone to pass on a positive feeling.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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