Monday, January 9, 2012

Make it fun

Do you always feel that someone or something is always letting down?

I'm going to teach you a process that allows your let downs to become exciting.  Sound weird, read on....
There was a time in my life when someone was constantly letting down, to the point I couldn't sleep and felt anxiety,t hen I discovered this awesome thing to do.

When you are being let down time and time again you come to expect it from people.  You walk with your head down just waiting for that moment to happen again.  One day I was sitting around kind of expecting it to happen again and I said to myself:

"Well at least I'll be able to watch Pulp Fiction if I can't......."
And you know what, I got to watch it and I enjoyed it (I always do it's my favorite movie of all time).  This person let me down another time and I found something else to do, and this continued on for a very long time till my anxiety and sleepless nights disappeared.

What did you do?

I've created an emergency list, this list is filled with things I really like to do but only allow myself to do them if things go totally wrong. 
Having a list filled with guilty pleasures that you can fill your time with is a great feeling when your let down.  You truly need to make it personal with things you enjoy.

It can be anything like:
Watching a movie or sitcom
Eating a snack
Putting on sweat pants
Taking a bath

This list could on on forever, fill it with things that make you feel at ease and comfortable.  This takes your mind off the negativity and puts it in a positive frame of mind.  If at all possible reserve some of the activities only for when you are feeling a little low, then it feels like a total treat when you get to do these things from your list.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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