Sunday, April 8, 2012

You are a fine piece of artwork

Look around your home are there any pieces of artwork, posters, painting, pictures or even sculptures?
It's been said to never buy artwork for someone because art is a very personal thing that no two people can admire the same.  I believe we are also like artwork, no two people will admire us in the same manner.

While staying in Vancouver this summer I decided to visit the art gallery, known noting about art I just wanted to look around.  I walked in and looked at the traditional art (the stuff most people like) and it did nothing for me.  I took the escalator up a couple of floors and I was in awe!  I came across the weirdest stuff, very psychedelic type art, like Salvidor Dali.  If you don't know who he is, he was an artist who's art was made out of the disturbing things you may see in your dreams, check he's stuff out on Google. 
I loved his art, it was forbidden and controversial, and that got me excited.
Not everyone walking through the gallery was appreciating his art, I heard comments about drugs and how strange it was as people walked away, which I'm sure Salvidor heard all through his career as an artist.  If he had taken the time to change his art and his strange ways to have people love him, I would have never looked at his art and I would not have written a blog about it.

You like artwork, have been put here to be admired by a select group of people.  Not everyone will understand you, not everyone will want to take the time to talk to you but some people will celebrate your strengths and weaknesses.  You have been created to change peoples opinions, to mentor, to teach and to guide a few people to become great.  If you change due to someones opinion of you, the people who are meant to meet you and learn from you will miss out.
You may feel like an outsider or different but that is what make you so unique, like a Salvidor Dali painting never change because you never know when you will meet that one person who is willing to talk about you like a fine piece of art.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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