Sunday, April 15, 2012

Live your passion not someone else's

So you wake up one morning, step on the scale and you tell yourself you are to heavy, you immediately decide you are going to get into the shape you were years ago and you give yourself a till the end of next week to be that person you once were.  Does this scenario sound familiar?
Unfortunately many of us make goals based on negative emotion and then give ourselves unrealistic timelines to achieve these goals.  Our ambitions are lacking passion and meaning to our lives and our objectives tend to be based on what other people want.  We worry that if we don't reach the goals we set, people will not respect us for the end result in which we have become.

I know someone who at one time was one of the greatest leaders I knew, they had a competitive attitude a rock hard body and was truly an inspiration to the people in which they came in contact with.  With all the hard work that they put in, a well deserved break from the discipline was taken.  A life of willpower was now replaced with months of good times which introduced them to negative people that now fill this individuals relationships. A new focus is turned to solving other peoples problems and they neglected their own life and dreams.
If you fast forward to today, this person no longer has a clue in which direction to go. Life is bombarded with other peoples problems.  Every new person that enters their life presents them with a new opportunity and they believe what is presented is the answer to their sadness if only they follow someone elses dreams they will become a great success in life.  This person's passion is lost behind everything else that their chose life has presented them.

Some days we lose our direction and forget what is most important to us.  We believe living other peoples dreams is the solution to our own happiness.  Remember you have important goals to live up to, things you are passionate about, the things that can make you pop out of bed and get excited to start your day.  Sure you can help others achieve a dream by giving a nudge bit don't forget your own greatness along the way.  You have something no one can take from you, a set of dreams and goals that burns in your belly.  The journey is long and hard and you will want to give up but please don't forget who you are, I've seen the consequences and it truly is a sad thing to see someone struggle to be themselves again.

Now what gets you excited?

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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