Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Look what I can do!! (Rant)

I'm sure most people have a problem with those who try and show off, people who do things with a "Look what I can do" motive behind it.  These people are found in the workplace, in social situations and in your home sometimes.  The problem is, we don't have time to validate peoples accomplishments every second of the day, at least I don't.

I can validate your accomplishments in life if what you do is great but forget about a pat on the back if what you do is simply "good".  What annoys me are people that search for that pat on the back because they feel a little inferior.  In life people need to understand, children get validated, adults get paid!  When you do things you should be doing anyway it's not a reason for celebration from the outside world.
Myself, extremely competitive like to show off my wins, although it may come off arrogant the reason I do so is to find those few people whom it can inspire to get better.  I want people to get better and better as they go through life, instead of going stale and always complaining the world isn't fair.  These people are hard to find, and I hope you become a self validating person who can celebrate their own wins without looking to others for a "Way to be you!" cheer.

What I believe in, is self validation, I'm proud of what I do and try and learn from my mistakes.  I always try and get better results so I can feel better about myself, yet I don't look to people to tell me "Wow!  Good job!" Sure it's nice to hear it, but once you mature you can realize people around you are not there to give you a high five every time you do the obvious. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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