Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be you and be proud!

Extra!  Extra! Read all about it, we're all human and there is no need to be ashamed anymore.

I say this because we all have flaws and habits that can be quite boring or even unacceptable to some, the reason for this is because we are all human.  Some choose to hide the day-to-day routines they have chosen by coming up with elaborate stories of the lives they are not actually living instead of being honest and letting people know they aren't always living life on the edge.

Take me for example, I work in the health food industry and people often see me outside of work enjoying a hamburger and a fry, some people are shocked by this.  I like fast food, it's a part of my life I would like more balance in and when I'm ready to cut it out I have all the tools to take those steps to better myself.
Also, if you haven't noticed I love to motivate, I pride myself on personal development and helping people develop their own skills, but if you ask me what I did on the weekend it's not very exciting, you can usually find me asleep by 10pm on the couch with drool on my face and and movie playing on TV.
Could I be doing more constructive things?  Yes I could, but I'm not always looking for a stage to stand on to speak, and I'm not always enjoying a steamed chicken breast with a side of asparagus, I'm not afraid to admit this because most of you reading this are just as boring as I am.  Admit it!

Next time you are talking with people and the subject of health or daily routine comes up, either be honest or keep your mouth shut. There is no reason to tell people that you do things everyday that you only do once every 2 months, this is not being honest to yourself or people you are talking to.  If you workout once or twice per week, why tell people you train 5-6 days a week?  Be honest, telling the truth will allow you to break out of your own shell, lying keeps you shielded and protected against yourself.
It's much more therapeutic and motivating to talk about what you want to do or who you want to become, this gets conversations going and you do not need to hide behind a story you have made up about your life.  You will find that when speaking to others, letting them in on your quirks and flaws make you a more relateable person.  By becoming more relateable to others you become more genuine, and isn't that what you were trying to do by making up tall tales about your life?

Stay motivated
Shane C 

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