Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do yu truly hate it? Maybe you don't!

It often seems in our lives that we get angry at the things we love. You often don't realize how much you love something until it is taken away from you.  Once taken from you, life become a scramble to try and get it back, you talk to yourself daily coming up with solutions on how to get what is now gone.
Then, there are times when something just doesn't seem right, you don't get angry you simply know something isn't right in your life. 

Some of you may know I was married, I'm now separated and it took me awhile to get over the whole not being married anymore.  This was my "hating the thing I loved", what I mean by this is I loved being married to my best friend but some days I had negative feelings about some part of being married.  It wasn't anything big, just negativity for a couple of hours, yet I knew I loved my marriage and my wife.  Then when the marriage was taken away, I got scared and didn't know how I would live life anymore, nothing life threatening but when something you love is gone you freak out a 
It felt like any anger or negativity I ever had, I simply wanted to take back as if I never had felt it before.  What I loved was gone and it hurt.

Now let's take a part of my life where I knew something was wrong, my career.  I come from a very small town where my choices for work were to become a laborer or something in construction, I didn't have many choices at my disposal.  I did this for a few years and I knew deep down inside this wasn't me.  I can remember doing work at peoples homes saying to myself: "One day I will be hiring people to come do these jobs".  I knew something was wrong and I wanted out, I could never quite understand why I was coming to work everyday.
Then came the day I discovered sales, I loved it instantly.  I work in management, I sell, I write and I speak and I know how much I love these things in my life.  Somedays do I get incredibly angry, frustrated and want to throw things.....YES!  This tells me one thing, that I love it I don't think I would trade it for the world.  It would hurt if it was taken away from me but it didn't hurt one bit when the construction thing was taken, that didn't hurt a bit.

I'm trying to calm you down by letting you know it's alright to get frustrated at the things in your life, if you are totally at peace with what you are doing when you are focused in it then you know there is a great chance you love it, you may have just forgotten how much you felt about it.
It comes time for change when your doing something and suddenly you look at your life thinking: "This isn't me", something just won't seem right almost like your living someone elses life. 
Look over your life and really ask yourself what are you truly comfortable with and what seems out of place in your life.  The things you are truly comfortable with are probably what you are most attached to emotionally and would simply go crazy if they were taken from you.
Work harder on the things you love

Stay motivated
Shane C.  

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