Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Key to being happy

I know the key to happiness, when you actually do this your mind brightens up and you get totally refreshed!  You probably rarely do it because you feel it's so wrong and if you actually did this thing your whole world may come crashing down!  Ready to find out what it is?  Here it is.....

Do something for yourself

It's the simplest thing in the world yet we tend to put ourselves last in life or feel so undeserving we no longer do anything for ourselves.  Friends, family, pets and work all seem to deserve our attention and we are left wondering why nobody cares for us.  The answer is simply, we must care for ourselves and make ourselves happy first and formost.
The list goes on forever of things you can do for ourselves but the problem comes when we actually make a decision. Within minutes, the commitment we made to ourselves is followed up with excuses and bad scenarios of "what if's....", our excitement quickly turns to an endless story that sounds like a broken record as we tell people:

"One day, I'm going to......."

It's time for you to make that decision to do something for you, because somewhere along the way you forgot to think about yourself.  Nobody feels sorry for your weakness but you, you must understand you deserve to be happy because you have been trying to make people happy for long enough.
Once you read this I'm not asking you to pick up and leave your family for 9 months on a tour across Europe, I'm telling you to take a day or a weekend to do something for you, take a trip, get a tattoo, buy yourself something you have put off for months because you deserve happiness. It's time to think like a teenager with no worries and get out there and have a good time.  Will people in your life get mad because you are taking care of yourself, maybe but it's your life go and live it.

Go ahead, it will never feel like the right time so why not do it now :-)

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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