Friday, February 17, 2012

Who to run from

As I turned on the television this past weekend I heard the death of a celebrity who was once at the top of her game and as the years went by we watched her life crumble.  Some people blame her, some drugs yet a good majority of us know it has a lot to do with a person or people that influenced her.
This story is not all that uncommon, athletes and celebrities or even people you know personally have the world going for them and they meet someone that lead them down a path that destroys them emotionally and physically.  Whether it's from substance or influencing their simple daily actions, one person can destroy you so quickly through manipulation or the promise of an easy ride.  Let me put it another way, when someone offers you immediate gratification in life- YOU MUST RUN!  Believe me there was a time I was there!

There is a great positive to this blog though, I simply want you to know the warnings in life.  There are people who are less attractive you must gravitate towards.  What I mean by less attractive is not a physical thing it's more of what they offer you in life.  These people offer you a challenge, the kind of challenge that builds you to become greater and stronger.  They encourage you, they teach you and best of all you want to become just like them. One day you will call these people your mentor, coach, the person that showed you, best friend and even your biggest influence.
These people are hidden just outside your comfort zone.  You know to become someone of their intelligence and success and stature you will need to work on yourself daily by making positive strides towards your own success. You never regret meeting these great people once you are influenced, and these people see potential in you and break out of your shell.  

Unfortunately there are people you must watch for, they use you for their own needs, you never gain anything other than a lousy feeling time and time again from associating with these scums of the earth.  Any dream you have is shot down and any negative is pointed out, and this brings you down to the lowest of lows.
I'm watching someone in my life crumble, high class and potential is being replaced with shattered dreams and heartache.  It can be heard to watch because people cannot be helped until they help themselves.  They must want it, but once the want is there they can often forget how to come back on that road that leads to success after being influenced negatively for so long. 

Here is my warning, if people in life slowly start to lead you down to a lower class than you are use to by constantly bringing negative feelings inside you and your daily acts are filled with tasks that prevent you from your own success, as hard as it is you must start to move away from them.
Now, if you run into someone that presents you with personal work towards your own success and does not sugar coat the road towards that success, then use their advice and start climbing the ladder to success.  They know what they are doing.

Life is hard there are no shortcuts, sometimes you must be selfish because you have yourself to worry about but as long as you find balance the key to success is right there.  So stay away from people who offer you "easy" and move towards people who may offer you that unattractive long difficult ladder towards success.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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